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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  February 3, 2016 12:37am-1:37am PST

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ee[ chndrs ala app]use la adies gndtlenenem, thseey ms!er ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] >> h: setd gooineveng, ev oderyby. m i' mseths.eyer ithisats "lghe ni"t. w ho eisryvedybooi donng t?ight ee[ chndrs ala app]use ex encell ht toear. hain tset cat', let s geheto t ws ne. ea84-yd r-ola medil mogu ru mpertchurdos thi week ospropo ed tea59-yd r-olerform de morrl jelly ha. ha aill ss d yeusbecae e sh'tdidn lfeele ikanstngdin inelior f we pol rbaletticks. la [ erught ] t ineahe l td-upnio tos ght' e statheof ton unire addss, ho spuse r eake rpaulacyan d cuse a obamloof pg ttinetto sba verl ap trr s foblrepus.ican onrespobded "ama,r lose says ?"what ug[ la ]hter ee[ chndrs ala app]use a d noteblrepu sicanegtratist pu heblisned a tiw arfocle n,r cn
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nghavi m thefuost tn onhe mp ca taign uraillysuale farthe st beel in onectis. ll wee , thidcand hatesg avinthe le fuast y n tridto h be itut pu g ttinxcan etilamaoion pt nt a enthe td of lheirogo. [ htlauger ] ye thah, s is i rfun,?ight ha avingd goo rtimengunni for pr enesidret he. sp dereite inleass g hiermoth's h birtifcerte,icat c tedisruz st fiill ngeldist que aions bout s hiibeligy ilitprfor enesidt dwithd onalp trumngsayi ye dasteraty this it a not tt semaled .tter er ths e wa aevenpo resfrnse om pr enesidamt oba. [ htlauger ] , yeah ilovet. i tlovethhat s is ienhapptoing bosomelsdy ee. pvicederesioent jen bidd sai mthisngornit thalddonamp tru r isngunniiv a de isivaicampgn, ay okh witsidivipron, edovid 's it l notdiong onvisi. [ htlauger ]
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ithentst geit a ltrtle .icky ac incord ag to s new btudye y th wcdc, aomenorre mkee lihaly tn n mexpto eenerimtht wie- samsex pa rsrtne. id sa, men cwhatelhanncd is c? ve i' t goteco chisk th. out ug[ la ]hter pl[ ap ]ause ff bubialo hells oaad cch re anx ry a hasncnnouhaed t t he hihas hired ins twth broer b ro aryane s th'steamis asstant he oaad cch. or h dide? la [ erught ] e thl roya obankotf sc hlandas is asuedte sta wmentngarni pe 2opleis016 se poi bd to e a, e,quotta "camiclysarc ye for ncfinamaial s.rket" ou tht gh ibemay se wort justo he sar aiscotty h guthsay rde wo ta camiclysc. la [ erught ] it at's csmaclyic. "s e esametstreis" thin comg enweek md isg ovin pfromo bs t hb o. prand eroducves haou ann nced ch s angeheto tw shoudincling el ivmo lining ro a bonwnst e, os thcar oue grivch lining a clrecybiing ndn, a b bigird vi li tng aedwist. lie
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pl[ ap ]ause fiand y,nallon mcds ald'is tr oying nut aonew c cept aurest irantngn hog, konle cald on"mcds ald',"nextch whi urfeat 1es aem9-itad sal bar udinclquing .inoa i' rem suha to usve crstome sa , yingl "i'l ahave m bigac." u yo, guysavwe hgre a sheat ow yofor niu toght! ee[ chndrs ala app]use t om fr's nbc s news erie en"tela"ovel l evariongo a is !here ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] om fr n theilew fdim, "rty fgoodd rieninof me, ja mason ukntzotoas sy ps bthe sh ow. [ rschee a anduspplae ] an id hee s thorauthth of w e ne , bookr "yout hear mis ae uscl su yanil s pa i uwithnis toght. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] inlookrwg fotoard ki talo ng t ahim,lls we. fo bee re wtoget t, tharo a gup hiof watte nliionahasts gus ben gi urotng viners a iowupto sport na doruld tormp fsi pre, dent pr inovidt g yeheanotamr exofple
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ca acndids y haalappeo ed t stracis. bu ent whco it tomes it polnsicia ngmakiis racmmt co, ents nit'sot st jump tru. mefor th on itis, im's tr e fo"a os clooer lk." [ auapplse ] et>> sowh: n y, ife ou'v been owfollthing wse neel latouy, y ow kns it'ncan iblredirdy ha me ti w for phitee.eopl ug[ la ]hter ev hierytasng hte glun. ad "m" mend.ende d ane ther7-are -oyearld il ch idrenisn thnt couhory w ve haer nevn even knowita whe idpresent. [ htlauger ] t bue theropis hr e fo this ecneglunted ladercn ss ithe idcandofacy al donumd trp. d, anfa in thct, eeis w akend nu ombergif reedsterer vot s in io ecwa rd eive rthisalobocoml fr a itwhnae ontiisalsut r pepac cl ngaimisu to t pporp.trum 'm>> ied jarlo taythr wi er am ican isrenae.sanc gei ur t youteo vo for do tnald, rumpusbeca ie hee s th e onidcandwhate ino poutts o at thsh we aouldt ccepgrimmiants wh e o ar fgoodmeor a.rica d we non'tmueed s.slim n wesmeed wart,edell-educat it whope pehole wl wilmiassilate
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te vomp tru! et>> so h: scabasi glly,meive yo irur tyoed, oour pour, yr dd hucaled annadis? [ htlauger ] , alsohayou o ve t igive ft upor it whpre suisemacts. ey thay alwves gims thes elve ce nind-sounaing limes ke, "a camerinan rencissae." yo n u car neve itelleyf tha 're ghate oroup ir anign-flht ma negazi. ug[ la ]hter d jareortayle , thbeman thindhe ll capl, exd ainen in arvinteiew to whday ty hehthougmp tru's me e ssagrewas tisonaitng wh vo stersg,ayinte quo t, "i hink at tht moscioffiepal rcaublins nhaveeao id b howyeetrad naordihiry weote pfeple y el b r theitrcouniny berng tunted io so inmethseg el. naordihiry wolte freks ak sicof vi hao ng ts presfoone r an sp"ish. it wave, ha b youpreen ngessi one fo anr spthish hois wimle te? ca beituse lm's aalost pwaysress on r e foisengld h ans prestwo spfor h.anis th erat clytainld woula exphyin w reyou'an so gry. [ htlauger ] sp [ ngeakisp in h anis] trnow haump os noiafficl af atfiliwiion heth ter sup, pac
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rois pmp tru. ylastfoear krmereakk lder da duvid aike satd thli he ked wh ruat tadmp hsa to uty, bn eve hohe t sughtofome wa it s a tt lixtle e.reme sdukeofaid mp trute quo , "i k thin hhe'sanead oud shs lder e abovrethe st. do i agn't wiree veth einrythg he sa ys. s hes peakt a lo rmorealadicly ithank. tal" 'sthatid dave, dukic bas ally ngsayie,, "m k i'mkk. p trumikis lkke kkk." ok ay? [ htlauger ] ee[ chndrs ala app]use de e spit, thisp trumhiand s sursorteti contonue is inst th ruat t cmp'sigampas n ha done innoth ig torenspite whi pr suisemacts. me i sean, slriouhey, woure cld th rois gosup py sibletbe g ting idthe haea tert th se isa uch in th bg asmmad intigrad s angood mi imtsgran t andwehat ul shod aonlyt ccepgothe neod os? >> f the tirst whing ie dot s ge bathe esd on. out e >> w ahave o lotd f bas dudeas i said, u yo ahave o lotalf rely pebad hopleere. i k thinshyou louldheet tmem co ck ba. heif t vy'regoery eood p yple,ou le emt the com lbacklyegal. >> h: set i andyof anhone sbeuld
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od goso pert'n, inas doruld tmp. ljusthoook umw tracp related st ek wen wheota prr esteisat h y rallerin v wmonteias bng ej d ecte tintorehe fg ezin cold heweattsr ouide. >> h getutim of t don' hgiveisim ht. coa t don' hgiveisim ht. coa ke isep ht. coa isconf hcateoais ct. knyou itow, bo's a0 ut 1eedegrs lo berow zesi outde. no u , yokecan isep ht. coa upa cof le os.week la [ erught ] usbeca'se itay alwnns fueny wh me sos one'inwearoeg shths wi no pa nts. la [ erught ] cl y earle theromis sngethiut abo p'trumets rh toricaphat s pealto ci raesal renentmd t ansidivion. t bu ithis is antamporoint pnt. nit'susot jumt trp. th pue reanblicty parac's re pr msobleen extlld weon beym.d hi ljustatook se theme comnts. in mavee go prnorleaul , page ta g lkint abou tdrugicraff kers isin hte sta. ra>> tkefficrs. th arese pen'te eopltawho ke dr ugs. th uyey g ts ofamhe n-me, d, oney sm ieoothif, shthty, tyese f pe o tguyscohat rome fnnm cocuectit, yonew rk.
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.home s >> deth:ey-monoo, sm athiend if shty. ug[ la ]hter ar eye thm froyonew r rk othe '9 0s? [ htlauger ] af arterwe d, l'spage sp peokes irsontensisatd th the ve go irnort s nongmakime comnts ab raout ce. iraceres irntleva. wh onich akly menes sifse, you n' dotct wae h th pnextt ar of th amat sdee vio. i >>enncidy,tallf haltithe me itheygnmprea ate g,younte whi rl gior befeye thve lea. h whic ris asaeal ind thg. ca bethuse e en w ahaveernoth su isate thve we' t gotalo de wi owth de n th.road et>> s mh: i tean,dohat akes me th s ere'innothung yohig, wte gi lorls orve mane thot smo.hies ug[ la ]hter ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] yo e u sedrthe aw. gelepaom's cs,mentco of , urse acattrwited redespad co nandem.tion t bu pin a cressreonfethnce e ne ayxt dpa, lenlge ofey ofa red hhalfedeartlo apondgy aed tri ngsayie lik.this
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n brai'tdidnch catwi up y th m ut moh. >> h: set n i'murot sure yoin bra trwas tyingtco ca wh upyoith ur ut mo ah atll. m i'typrete surasit win sayg, g"you wo onutitho y me,l ou'lbe ne fi. do san't yty an ahing ybout oung e whits.girl yoah, n'u caart he" me. th asis hn beelo"a closer ok." ee[ ch ars andlappe us] s >> weth: be'llghe rickt ba th wie more "latt.nigh"
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r ou itenext am isne genui"n yourame ce pri." tool hthissoighly -aftughtever d icerofrom psivegres n caoursbe y.. for. tytwen? grand-n e aro! wvie giawng it ay r ju fo est 3ymasy pa ents $4.oflu99 ps tax! li the are nes inblowg up! e we'vbogot de rahom pfrkeoughepsie. fl o: noyeah, 's f, itlo. yo ru guys aealizee canyonen usth e e "nam priyourtoce" olfo eer frpr on ssogrecoive. m,ghri t? ug[ la nhinguservoly ] pi[ s ckleeswhin ]i , know lit'siketh e ey'rysalwate on silevion. ?what ramodeo te tresevehn crodi's e seasouis tgh,t bu mi'veedanag. ptexcet thagimanay ng mtosympwams l s als i wag.doin
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s >> weth:meelcok baclato "te yo owu kn f our girst fuestrom he ghr eiast-seunon rth on t e hi no u w yosecan r e hehein t new senbc "riesnotele,"velach whi ai onrs mniday aghts30t 8:. le s t' atakeoo lk. c howheould tam cameret aan g ck ni liknamet e faifeddie he es doven't hare a secash t stof od l fog ayinaround? nd>> ank i thi's there a ne gelorator d --cate w >>10e got ople0 perv staing thebackre. >> ight e. ur myoh at offis. it>> w.chout a o. it'sgonnnly a ttget hoer. l >> wel mexcuser bee foing dr ic damatg urinraa natu l di ersast! i >> w thinkallye red nee-- oh, >>go my elsh, ga. u can yoalstop t?king reyou'ng gettiyi real ppy. yi yip yip p yip yip! >> o okay, tkay, ie'hink wllre a li a otttle h hun and--gry oo>> l tk, i'm whe onenowsho k ghow tos thet uh rougthis orm. st i
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iosessi'n and onm the ne wly oho s knowthwhere p ey keethe all co nes. the>>nl oreasy yon're oufesaty ai captecn is b no auseelone se ed twant.o be w >> i'mell,ll stine the o with e the.badg ga [ ]sps s >> i sthis whirtoreak my is m ar, very sveryg?tron et>> sleh: pwease e lcom tbacko e th eshowonva la!gori [ rschee a anduspplae ] >> h: set a howoure y? >> h: set a howoure y? h >>i! m i'good. et>> st'h: ieas gr ht toyoave u ck ba. rs fi at ofcoll, tungraonlatis. u yo gjustngot e.aged >> , yesd.i di [ rschee a anduspplae ] et>> sanh: fictast. ha>> tounk y. s >> neth:diow, e d th op pr -osal- re we p yourerepar d foit? di cd it yatchffou ord gua, rp sud?rise o,>> nas i wal toturly sedpris. s >> heth:erow wu e yorisurpsed? >> h. yea erwe w de in.ubai et>> skah: oy. >> h, yea w andtoent o onef os thsee deafrt s.aris di i kdn'titnow a waser dest sa .fari aihe s wd wegoere toing e hav
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li [ laght erught ] an wd soyohen aru stonted the risafad , dimayou thybe ink so inmethupg's ? y >> ieah, l was "ike,y oh m "god! s i wachsnapngattit i d woulhanot nave sttpchat ed i i had n knowasit wna gonmy be op pr.osal i but liwas "wke, he'reinere e thrtdese!" d an tthen wherehaas cnempag. i' kem lihe, "t cre'saghampne!" [ htlauger ] d an ithen l was "ike,and th s ere's rose-- , ohodmy g!" li [ laght erught ] i ldshouba propubly e t the phon .down ah ye. >> h: setyo so mpu colylete rn tuveed oisr thre incy dibl maintiomte mtoent bo anyhody w s waocon smeial dia. y >> aeah,e t th.time itbut ap disedpear24 in rs hou, . so et>> selh: whel, toure y go. th tat'srue. no rbodybeememred. >> od nobmey reedmber. s >> eeth:t xcepnofor atw th 'l it ol be fn tverorev. li [ laght erught ] , sothand ouen yt wen dfromubai to ia ind? s wa athats lwayplthe an? >> h, yeawe we o nt ta indi over stchrihomas yslida. w itmaas a.zing et>> sadh: h e youbever heen tre fo bere? >> t no,wahat fs my tirstime. >> h: set y and- ou -yodid u go afon sthari asere l? wel es>> yer, tha e's he-- t are's ge tiser reinrve th ranreambo, so th e ey'rngtryihe to help t -- th gee tirors fcom be ming ncextit. be e caus utheytosed t hun them e.ther d anasit wat gre. we t wenheon tar safndi, ay the llusuahey sc, dule, likeupa cole fa saberis e caustithe agersre no nactur -l so- >> h: setht rig.
12:53 am
et>> soth: gcha. a >>e nd w owentisn thu , yo ow knfa, saanri, eyd thli're ke, "w jell,beust pa pre yred,ou ob pr wably son'theee te m th t firs."time an wad i kes lihe, "t ore'sne!" d anawwe see thr. an end thwe we ikre lwee, "ll, ts lea it "day. it l was iike, hn anour. an end ev g the wuideikas le, "t hahis ves neppr ha."ened gh[ liugt la ]hter d anesi guiks, l he --ide sa -- do i knn't f ow i tit's--rue but he ik's lobe, "caama ndme a the rstigee wernghidiey, the wer thnot "ere. ug[ la ]hter >> h: set. wow >> e lik tevendihey sdn'tee rstige. an m d i', likeaw"i see thr." s >> teth:rehey'ti -- agersre no outoripus reanblics. la [ erught ] ey th't donth -- lwey a--ays tit'srue. no lot a pt ofe eopl tknowhat. >> h. yea s >> beth:eaut yh. y >> ieah,ul shoved hawn kno. s >> seth:elo "telenova." co tungraonlatis. t >> yhankou! >> h: setat greie revgrws, eat ra s.ting noand u w yoinorig -allyu'- yore pr a eroducth on owe sh. y >>eah. >> h: setr you wplanotas n ig orlyinalbe to it in . n >>o.o, n s >> weth:chhat d ange myourind? el>> woul, yw, knoas i wth on e tegreahost s tw inashe lcat dede ll cadeed "atsperuse hoesewiv." et>> souh: ye. wer ee[ chndrs ala app]use o,>> ni so liwas "ike, ot'm n g goin tback."o tv ani me u, its nles sit'shiometng re , allylyrealal, reooly gd. d and i ha sread, tuffi and lodevestped asuff ro a pr,duce t bu twhencrhe scaipt n,me i we
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ss jeds gol ateinnd ri chpissy shetrod , an jtheyust kn d ockeutit oth of rke pa. d i ha, this, like itinyindea my d heathand erey wkee lie , "w nt wawr to thite at." an eyd the cam abackt nd iwas th oris whald ts t waunso fny, an a d ana,sofi c thecthara er i iplay gs so.reat th isere ot a lph of alysic me cody. i soy plastthe f ar oana spish so peap ohora wsn doepe't sak sp h.anis ug[ la ]hter .yeah t sos hat'tsin idielf ulffict, h whic- is -heso sik's lfie a sh t ouatof wer. an 'sd itfu so nny. yo n'u doedt nekn to haow wt el "telenovs.a" i 's ite likrka woe placdycome. ouit ce ld b din astenti's of aficehend thase cerracts ul wobed ma angzi. >> h: set w andt as i dyour, ream ghthou -- is thtr is - ue -asit wr you m drea ywhenirou ftast s arteds a an tctorcoo be sme aopoap era st ar? >> oa a strp ac yess,eah. i onwas un "yod g anthe re ssstler " foe thres.year s >> aeth:asnd wt thaas-- w at thau bect se ia was debig al y infaour , mily osoaps?pera t >> ia was r supedebig n al imy mi faly. li whke, gen iyoot " -ung"en- wh t i golione n ne oer"genal ho alspity ," mthmom t oughn i wo o an.scar washe kes liou, "ye madyoit, u de ma" it! ug[ la ]hter i liwas "yke, e ou'rommy m." s >> deth:u o yombremeouer yr rs finet li"g on alener sp ho"?ital
12:55 am
o,>> n no. no wa, i kes li -, umah- ye, i th itink a wasd. wor igit mavht hene beye -- ah, ye i ah, mbremeer. crwas wazy, whichunas f. s >> yeth:eah. ho nyw mars yea y didayou s? w>> in as oorit fee thrrs yea. et>> s lh: af ot oy crazf stuf hainens ee thrrs yeaso in ap s >>nyo mazy crang this. t leelme tu.l yo cmarcy herr tsaysifhe dncferee eebetwytn dasoime anaps d imdayte e tharmen e e ths.diva et>> seah: yh. e thwemen rare czy. >> h: set s oh,e o thrsacto you edworkh witoain serps wvae dis? n >>heot ts onerki woited wh. et>> soth: gcha. >> us 'caone i orly wwiked th a lecoupt , buuron ow sho-- adwe hca 40 emst m.bers >> h: setht rig. b >>hoig sw. et>> so h: sdihow n d meow-- h e ardimen onvas ? set ne>> oe tims i wa sin a cene awith, guyheand t hady,o sa ke lihe, "woure yng goi?" an reywhe." et>> shah: ts t walyreald. goo ig>> rht? or te whaver. evwhatiser hds wor -- et>> seah: ricl quhak, ts t wa re gallyood. t >> yhankou. an s d his wordnd-- ago he - es - 'rtheykee lind, "aio actorn," ee"thro,, tw." one evwhatheer t.y do heand s, goeat "wh y areou do "ing? idi sa'm, "i g not -oing- yw an."here ke liwa, i kes lih,, "o i now --" "c ut! ev a!" i and liwas "nke, e o, h
12:56 am
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12:57 am
.yeah tsomes hingriwe wn te i ov "n" ela,wrour s iterliare ke, "n y'obodins go bg toveelie us. th s is iuea trry sto." s >> ieth:l fee ylikeour fe deconse beuld y, ifpeou snt to cho mue tim son aopoap era se out, yld wout jusrago cndzy a th itink ik's ltoe a y tallalnorm g thintato slort spowly inisong me so.body ug[ la ]hter ea>> yh. t isnohat lt -- aike,enffluza? >> h: seth, yeact exaly. [ htlauger ] ap sora ope.itis oa>> serp ops.aiti s >> yeth:eah. we coll, tungraonlatis. >> nk tha. you >> h: sets it'xcso eg.itin an 'sd itay alweas gr ht toave u yo obacke n >> nk tha. you an thu.k yo et>> sivh: g ue itr p fo loeva iangorer, evy.ybod ee[ chndrs ala app]use en"tela"ovels airaymondht nigs 8 aton:30 . nbc l we'ligbe racht bthk wie mor e "latt.nigh" ch [ rseend app ausla]e at whpe hap wnshen lobster gets grilled, baked, d paanedirith wenev remoobst l?er you t gengryhu. d anu youncoset the unconds tild retelobslor's rfbsteisest ck bah witlathe t rgesety variof bs lodishter f es oarthe ye. keliew nue dngliob lerstai t ls owith tnel aiufstd wife cthb,ra thand ote wiher lthstangooinlo tebsc-r mad-ansechee, 's itty a parpl on a ate! d yoanknu eveow brye ofit obst'l lerer'sovre d'am lives up to its name.
12:58 am
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12:59 am
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1:00 am
ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] >> h: setco welacme b "k to late t,nigher" evy.ybod d ansepleave, giup it t forhe 8g d, banry eveone. [ rschee a anduspplae ] apso ho py t thavehehem acre eh evand niery ght. an ckd bah witonus t, ight insitt wg inthith be 8g and, the'sruhe d fmmeronrom te ofhe be anst butds ore thelc, wio,
1:01 am
[ rschee a anduspplae ] n glennehas buw alrum "dt m ki tequar cts",isomprf ed os songhe mp co fosedo or susperc.sion th bue al om isebut fy ruar 26th c onloantamuupe ansic u d yocan ca gltch alenn wiong o th s usperc psionrmerfoating rn ca hegieonall ru feb12ary th. th yoank ryu veh mucbefor ing he lere gnn. we so're py hapha to ouve yr. ove ha>> tounk y. 's itat grebe to e. her ee[ chndrs ala app]use >> h: setor bef me weonove , i ju anst w tt toa ake ndseco and ta bolk aomut s te oferhe vy ci ex gtings uestavwe hnee lid up nefor eext wk. m ony onda-- >> h! set ug[ la ]hter s >> oeth:eyh, h. m i'y,sorrry eve.body is thgu is hes, tte "laht nig" ni jator. 'swhatng goi g on,us? i >>t jusedwantch to eck. do w youtoant ow thr t outs hi ffcoupee c? >> h: set. yes li [ laght erught ] >> y. oka k thanyou. et>> ss h: i ithatt? li [ laght erught ] s >> oeth:kay. ahavey veriaspecesl gut. i heoms fr n theelew tioevisn ow sh -- s >>eth? li [ laght erught ] s >> yeth: beah,?uddy d >>ouid yo als twantroo thw ay aws thi pusediclaston spo? li [ laght erught ] s >> yeth:es. >> y. oka
1:02 am
enof d ityneumce g? >> h: seth, yeath anyi ing input th rbe ga iage,t wanhrto tow ay aw. li [ laght erught ] o >>kay. [ htlauger ] et>> so,h: si as sawas , yingwe ha kve ar illeupline. s >> weth,abhat thout is cr edumplpo up t st-i?note h itcaas "thll ewran" n itteon it. >> h: setl, welea i m dn, iid um critple an up rod th iw itn th rbe ga sage,o -- >> is so t thas a yeo?or n ug[ la ]hter >> h: set. yes iyes,te wan td to ihrowayt aw. >> l wiln ethakabe othy wi it? la [ erught ] >> h: set s i'mheure be'll e. fin g >>t.ot i de unodrsto. we i'll, eall louve yne alo now d toe o th!show >> h: sety. oka k thanyou. ayanyw m, ony,ondaha we ve a tverytealendid inalvidu - and- >> s thiot-- bcatle p? s >> weth:hat? a >> tlong shoseliame tnes,he bo tttlewahat res sconwed to ? it et>> sesh: y. [ t lighhtlauger ] >> o yese n th ycap,n es othe bo ottles r yeoton bh?
1:03 am
s >> oeth:kay. so mo on , ndayavwe he a asfantshtic ow. et>> sh? he help, lp! er emy!genc et>> shah: wt? li [ laght erught ] j>> ihaust isd thri horfic th t.ough iwhatatf th w caproas fm a erdiffboent attleadnd h , in ct fa r, noioelatp nshi twithhe lebottel i h?d up la [ erught ] tdoesafhat yfectdeour oncisi? >> h: set no. [ htlauger ] >> i no,est do? la [ erught ] or it no sn doe't? et>> souh: yw kno, whatali rely n' ca ct beerleare, her. gus i ifint's g thegearba's, it h,trasio perd. st juow thraw it ay. ani mey , whd woulevyou aven he d toe-oublk checofany s? thi >> l i'l ytellhyou w. 20 rs yea. ago gh[ liugt la ]hter s i wainwork tg attohe " day" .show kaand cotie auricacppromehed an ked as id ifew thr h outer y luckinnapk. idi sa m, "ihaust ve. dni dino't k ww itouas yckr luy pk nain."
1:04 am
rsremohee, spe rip gd myalenits ea clf n ofodmy b-y - ug[ la ]hter w --thith rce fo e of 1, go000 asrill. ug[ la ]hter d an hthend urle cthem lean ssacro i theofsle ha man ttan tintoivhe raser et. se i th, d stanrebefo t you, oday sta te-liclemaess n. ug[ la ]hter th s at ii why k.chec >> h: set uh. li [ laght erught ] ah yell, weu , yo, knowesi gus at th p's ay rett rgoodn.easo [ htlauger ] ou>> ynk thi? ug[ la ]hter et>> skah: oy. l we'ligbe racht bthk wie mor e "latt"nigher afts! thi ee[ chndrs ala app]use (cell phone rings) wh are ere u?yo
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1:07 am
ee[ chndrs ala app]use s >> weth:meelcok bacheto t ow sher, evy.ybod neour uext gonst t iight s an r actocoand anmedi k youfrnow om e ths filmep"slewiing thth oer pe " ople"tand ighe nefht b ore" frand heom tev teln isioesseri he "tgu leae." ahe'sstlso ngarring alo side r robeirde nd o anefzac inron e thmonew "dvie girtyparand" ic whenh op ts inerheatnus jaary 22 nd. t' lekes taoo a lk. a>>dynyboor wrek he? >> ka ovey, eboryn dy oe thr!floo is ths ibba roy!er a-haha-h! oh, my god. you should see yr oufaces. wai justs bo a to utabgr a ee[ bl] p e horsskma. fti lein m te at bhe teach he r otheday.
1:08 am
regun's oual, thgh. trelax,is fhis dalori hingeryt l's ad icensegun e.rang >> us you j tt shotgh ahroul, wal hey >>! estr ped oians.utside >> h, a yea -gain f- it's.lorida e thes dpeople maton'tter. ha >> wt?! o? >> s tolcome pam tam ssurflam. wh anat co i dyofor ntu gen?leme ug[ la ]hter et>> sleh: pwease e lcomheto t ow shso, jantn maaszouk! ee[ chndrs ala app]use et>> selh: hlo. >> a howoure yie, frnd? et>> se h: w khave enownach r othea for lverytiong me. >> ha we ve. so oume wrgld ae ue wbeare st fr s.iend et>> se h: w--are e somd woul e argu.that ep>> y. st been frids. et>> se h: w tusedpro ime ovis thtoge ler aheot wu n yo were nglivine in rkw yoy. cit es>> y. so ablylute. et>> se h: w tused ao dow sho su nnday aightb t ucedcall "a casssst." >> h. yea ofone fa my tevori-t allime th iingse n thd.worl
1:09 am
t >> iwas. w itusas j -t um a- us bnd aunch ab tesoluse nonnse. d and i hacato st le i wbackhen i magot d.rrie ca bewhuse rat izeealis d wai dncoulay't smy to e, wify, "he i nglivi o butndn suigay n'mht i me coordy fe. fre" la [ erught ] i >>w. kno an red i ermembt tha cverylylear ouas ystr been frioud, yin havg b tokee liou, "yw kno, whatman, s >> yeth:eah. s >>u'o youtre o. ug[ la ]hter sh ine's . s >> yeth:e ou'rout. ou>> you're het, sn.'s i et>> souh: yk tooelit wl. y >>eah. -- i n didot. iei crlod a t. ug[ la ]hter eai frouked t. i , liked.crie opi poy ed ms.pant [ htlauger ] edi pepa my nts. s >> ieth:te cono nd t dthis ay yo d u haooto purp yots pan be ifored tolanyou u d yo used athat es ane.xcus >> k youwhnow itat, ne turt d ou e to beaa grvet cor. la [ erught ] pe woplereere callywiool i be e caus -theyom- fr an ot eml ionat.poin et>> seah: yheh, trey wee lik m"oh,d,y gos he'psso uheet, op poised hts pan." u >>aggh, ain. >> h: setm fro cthat--lip fr haom tryt veny funp cli from fyour--ilm
1:10 am
y >> s >> aeth:t'nd i ns so--ice i >>n, mea, yesrtrobeni de ro d anefzac arron ie inutt, b it is my -- m. fil la [ erught ] et>> sheh: t by're--oth h. yea vit'sclery frear heom tp, cli in c thelip. >> ht rig? sa l y alheof tes linth in e vi moe. [ htlauger ] wh i ich do. y ifanou w ct toseome e e th mo wivie e,th m n sittoext me, li innes r youear. [ t lighhtlauger ] et>> sowh: n k youofind -- do tan't hike te s thg wron way, i but lfeelyoike au'retl lite e.ther [ htlauger ] h >>onang ec a sond. ar u e yoinjudgatg thth by e re thnee load dres lock mthaty ar chr acteonhas b theofack his he ad? >> h: setee thre londldrea.ocks >> t juse thredldrea, ocks left foversorom inmethalg rely ss mep ed uisin he. lif s >> seth:uto, b - you- h >>a e's ddrugr.eale s >> oeth:thver ure cof se oyour ca , reerveyou'ye plalod a t of e thesacchar.ters wso i louldtoike d rea your oj pr.ects h,>> o. boy et>> sndh: aan i wu t yoelto tl w meerhethno or u t yoedplay a sc g umban or astalmoma norl rs peon. >> ov i l ee --thven heat ts re i qu a iealifr r foma"norrsl peon." s >> yeth:eah.
1:11 am
>> h: seth. yea l >> det's.o it >> h: set t theiselevshion ow "c niommuty." o >>kay. um scbag. pl i aayedl reabascumikg, le, co itmmuneay thditre orrect who tstrea j ken reongy ealllypoor. >> h: sety. oka >> s he'ala remb scuthag, at gu y. >> h: setrk "pad s an"rec. " >>s parkreand c." isdennns fei.tein luabsocute s.mbag [ htlauger ] li peke, e rfuml moguawin p nee, anindio a wh ris apieal ece of li -- juke, arst g.bage l.awfu et>> sthh: "age leue." th>> "age leisue" e lik"ethe r" um scbag. fi ram fro l"thee"eagua is true te unedtherst moner. >> h: seth. yea la[ erught ] re ballyuyad g. nd>> aua argthbly are chr acte th 'mat it mos-kwell fnownndor a h whics lead pmoste eoplto be e liev muponngeetith me at th reey ati meeling, soke, e meon wh -o is- li enke glyuinemi com wttedar cr .imes ug[ la ]hter et>> shah: wout abe t thll"kro ow sh"? " >>l krol."show li a ke, ernumbsc of gsumba. li [ laght erught ] i edplayum a nofber mb scuags. i edplayum a nofber mb scuonags th hoat sw.
1:12 am
, showouso y - did- y >>i es, edplayti mulple ch tearacrs. >> h: setoa "brtyd ci?" " >>d broa."city bascumg. la [ erught ] h, ooan me ttd maes jonye plad s dj-- re alscady gsumba. la [ erught ] s >> reth:.ight ig>> rht? in tlstanooy, bm. sa i eey "d" jays rat aopooft rt pad y anguyou reys ae, lik cu "ss.mbag" la [ erught ] bu ret hehe's tst twi. dethe s ejaytrare tyingt o ge githe torls e havura fo.some [ htlauger ] >> h: seth sucuma scbag. >> mb scuag. s >> ieth:ee'm f clingdeonfint t abou.this at whut abo f newthilm eais yr, "t ighe nefht b?ore" >> ni "t ghfobe."re ay okay, okre, hehe's tng thi. pl i vay adrery --unk i i'mn on nely one sceth in ovis mie. i aplayy verk drundrman d esse anas slata cus. s >> ueth:h.h-hu ho>> wpi is g ssinnsagaie t th iwalle n thlemiddth of ghe nit d anbewho upats jo rde goevon-litt. no aw, isom alhi a trard gde heteac tr inovhe mie. wso i pould tositi hat esam ls a bascumorg, mpie a ofece [ p bele]. >> h: set w oh,ow. [ htlauger ] ouso y--'re s thianis rnoge, w. i >>nk thire the c's aorategy yo becund s tmbagishat ll reay st juce pie[ of p blee]. et>> skah: oy. ra "trenspant." a erwondneful oww sham on .azon ea>> bulutifw. sho ve lory eve obodyran "trenspant." itand an is zi amappng oniortuty
1:13 am
i aplaytt preody go. guy vei los thitoo. er evy ybod tthats weett abou ra "trenspaisnt" e, liky, "he i ca ben't e lievn jasozomant ukas is 't on parans,'rent h ande's pr nettyl.orma" [ t lighhtlauger ] la [ erught ] s >> oeth:kay. so t' thakes lit sorouof yr pi lennac. ha>> tmyt's . rap knyou itow, ik's lohe, ", , no he ic's n se to oarahe n ahe'se nicguy. en evug tho ih hedrs a ug al deer." et>> selh: w wl, itoant k talto yo ouu abist th. usbecau e yo ohavef ne omy rifavoodte ps.cast h,>> o. yes >> h: set h youa ost aspodct ll cahoed "d w di gthisadet me." ju iane dapne r, haelyes. >> h: set e andinxplal reak.quic ithisous ab yt --uyou gsts ju eego d hp onerow c mtains ovie t go.made >> h. yea si bay,callst it d arte wwhene waall d tchemothe "wvie all st 2reetne: movey neeer slps." >> h: set. yep a >>ftnd arderwad s haa co sanver ationpat a whrty weere lwere "ike, wthatntas ureethed sa in, nityt?righ" gh[ liugt la ]hter , liketotop to botham, tdet ma enno sndse a c waso uckonabanas. d analwe tabked itout l forike, an r. hou an td atndhe ewa, i kes lie , "w ldshout jushido tl s alheof t
1:14 am
at thha's w dt we to onhohe sw. w sol e alh watcvia mod e anthen arget aoundle tabl fulof opmicrs hone lor aauive cedien li hike td s anuswe jlkt taut abo wh heat tle [ b jep ]haust edppen t inmohis vie? ug[ la ]hter y whthdid - is -a and oflot s,timebe to r, faiol nicagas ce i ise n the.movi [ htlauger ] >> h: sety. oka nd>> ath is swe ano er t that tiqueson. [ rschee a anduspplae ] i tlovethhat tat'spphe ae laus k.brea >> h: seth. yea ic>> n colasisage an inse. d anybeverisody e, likca "i n t geoaon borrd ft. tha" l llet>> savh: hu e yo-- ob slviouu y yototry k picesmovi th heat tse con wnsus soulday th ovat ms ie iy,craz d howid at th m getade? e >> w hjustdoave hene tie mov az "k waam" shereilhaqu'nle oeal ay plges a nie. et>> sesh: y. at th g's a"hood idow dt thaget ma de." >> h. yea s >> beth:avut hu e yo--now is it e tru ythate ou'vblstumed up ovon mthies omat s ye ofour li erstenves haen defded? >> t oh,s hat''swhatll reay sc faininatecg, b wauselle wi all ci delide, "oke, e h, w thaveo do mthis.ovie 's itll reaviy ob"ous. bu ent thpl peolle wiol revt. es alpecif ly ieait momnt sngethi to m the kas aid. ke lidi we e d the movice"spi
1:15 am
gh[ liugt la ]hter in ch whiy babe spicpr-- aopos of hi notmang, oukes tht wi an al ien. ug[ la ]hter sp a hiacesndp la ls, ae ittl ie almen cot s oubaand piby sce eskiss a the oliene n thh!mout ug[ la ]hter th s is indan isiefenmoble vie. bit'srsonke. peand wopleliere "tke, ishis f myitavorvie moe! [ htlauger ] is thie movns meamu so o ch tme. --how as i wh witupyou il unt w, now 'hothdid etis ge. mad' t bu ithiso s to"far! lepeopak freuted o. s >> neth:doow, -- youe havyou --now ha ats thse cauu d yoooto lk rdinwa s and"hay, maey, ybe e'thermos a i vie d like kas aid at thac is lytualri ter?ble" t >> ahere cre ae ouplhehe tm. 'v wenee do r onetlecenaty th i encontwaded grs a moeat vie, l stilk thin gis a mreat, ovie st ngarriol nicagas ce. i itlls cafaed "ffce-o." >> h: setce "fa."-off [ htlaugnder ala app]use hi>> t as isat greie mov. >> h: seton i dhi't t hnk iave ur yok bachion ts. on>> dor't wbory at.ut i 'shere t onei hat k thine we'r nn go sa dobeoon e causwenow 're
1:16 am
- revi- rengsitiie movats th we li asked s. kid lo i thved vie mo ae --hind ts is g goino to gd weirini thr k fo ybeverody. mathe w ttheerbrod ick, errutger hauun, yog mi lechelif pfemofer knvie asown yh"lad."awke et>> slah: "wkdyhae." i "lsaw awadyhinke" the tethears. s >>ame. >> h: seth. yea f >> lell, iike,ssn pateiona ve loh witelmichfele pr.iffe imshe atmedisuely ntpplaheed t ou "dtrble e"oublns twi. et>> sh,h: o t but whose--ere haso ts t wa ywhat--our b>> iheet tie audhance s no ea id w who te'rengalkiut abo. [ htlauger ] s >> ieth:iss tht- posri"fers el bu bler"rirodeck? i lfeel--ike i >>'t donw kno-if - ayit m be. s >> yeth: neah, cow i an't me re.mber be e causeli fee liknti we in wi xpth etiectamaons bybe,seecau buof "r.elle" nobut xpw, e tlainlohe palt re ic qu "k ofhalady"wke. usbeca'se it -- >> ot a t nallyl ormae moviin ic whwih a hatch t s pursa cue on tg ruauer hnder a ch mi pellefefeifhor, w i aren .love so t thangduri d theshay, ae is ha wk. an id hetgs ruauer her. an nd at, ightisshe ch mi pellefefeifndr, ais he a wo lf. [ htlauger ] an 'sd itro so icmant!
1:17 am
ie tho f whgsbrinm thethtogeer an gud fiitres o allut. itand et's s l in, mike,vaediel me tinds, a a has% 100h synt et>> seah: yt'h, ipes sur nt syhy. >> is it y verinjarrheg, t xt juitaposbeion n tweemuthe sic ch s oicethand vie moe. akit mbses aelolut sy no.ense >> h: sets it' ralsoy eallt grea at th n the"lame awadyhwhke" ich thyou coink beuld th any--ing ep>> y. s >> -eth: s- isteo liral. y >>ep. ug[ la ]hter s. ye >> h: set i why cs itd alle yh"lad?"awke , ohe'therlas a nddy a- a - nd>> a's sheaw a hk. [ htlauger ] we ug thoeoht pwople geuld .t it u ittosed ca be "lledhaladywke, ma lfn wo t andeghe bboger y." [ htlauger ] wh mat aess. et>> selh: wlel, pdease ifendt. >> il i wl. s >> ieth:l wilenlistth to at, an ead plefse ditend . ou>> yul shomed coan on td behe es gur t fo ethatdepiso. s >> ieth:ld woue lov.that on>> de. s >> ieth:he'm tre. n >>tiext e me w ldo ashive ow re he's, it. you et>> shah: tgrt's eat. an thu k youcso mr h fog bein he re. co tsngrath on vie moe. t >> yhankou. [ rschee a anduspplae ] >> h: set a youotre ncu a s.mbag aryou be myfrest .iend l>> iyoove udu, bdy. >> h: seton jastz mans,ouka er evy.ybod ty"dirnd graispa" th in e ea th jtersryanuad. 22n l we'ligbe racht bthk wie mor
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ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] >> h: setco welacme b "k to late t,nigher" evy.ybod ou xtr nest guea is very ta edlentho autosr whbue det ve noyol, "eaur hs rt isca mule th zee sia of ,"fists hit stbook tores.oday sepleaco welo me tshthe ow, su yanil pa! ch[ rseend app ausla]e >> h: set s i'mppo ha hy toave yo reu he. h,>> os it'ria tho ll terbe he. et>> sonh: culgratnsatioth on e ok bo. fit'sstantaic. >> nk tha. you s >> ieth:t wanivto gmee so op peerle he e thgrback ooundn it . 's itut aboit -- es takce pla mu leltipra chas cter toverhe
1:23 am
ot prinest tt seale. thfor whose n'o domet re mber , that ugivelis a bttlef it o ck bandgrou. o >> skay,'so item nov'9ber 9, a h mont tfromilhe miulennm, yoevers ne ikifreabong a2kut y. cothe y'untrins go cg to.rash thand ecey dtoide e havthe esbiggont ec momicngeetith in e d.worl th avey h5 e 13trcoun ties,hey vi inhete t sm toleeatt. pr enesidint cliston ng goibe to e,ther k theanofi isnan ng goi d an htheythave enese usormo et me.ings 0060,0te pros steredshowto up ot pritest t andvehey'y onl duscheabled 90out ps0 co. ouso y i cannemagit wha enhapped. th adey ht shu tdownhe pr tsotes -- sh owut de n thinmeetitgs wbyhin onoone n thndseco day. s >> neth:yoow, rku woheed tre, bu u t yo awere oware af ite t th .time ha>> trit's ght. ah yegr, i p,ew uda my ad is rx maprist soofes gr ofapeogrhy. >> h: sety. oka >> i so ugrew tp inmihat .lieu edmy b stimeestorie wert abou ob glcoal ec nomilodevet.pmen [ t lighhtlauger ] >> h: set y didalou flel asep fa r st or?neve r >> aight rway, aightway. s >> ieth:l fee -likeu - yogo ri toght o bedy r lawhup, reat a oiwe dwhng, e y arhawe c sing
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ug[ la ]hter >> te insf ad oop"mon" oly,adwe h "c alapithi," ws ch iini thk a ci sot alisd neno oer undd stooruthe les. >> h: setll reay? th s ere'cia sot alisd boar?game >> p i'my rett.sure it u was tp intthe aic. no p oned layeit. no k onethnew lee rus. >> h: sethi i thenk wu n yobuy ca l,pita f the tirst ihingyst sa hein ttr insonucti "s isthput is t intthe aic." [ htlauger ] >> ry eveplone atays s theame ti me. >> h: set h youdiave olce r ling r >>, ight.yeah et>> so h: s dyourasad wy ver ch muth of deis ia. r >>.ight i sow grenoup k awing a lotbout it. wa i cs ingeollen whethe pr tsotespe hapinned . '99 d and i haadalreeny bees arrted iwhen 1 wasr 7 fothsome--ing sofor f me ollmy i hegals.abit et>> skah: oely, wn'l dostt ju bl y ow b.that la [ erught ] t >>rehey'al leg. now et>> sh,h: oy' theegre lowal n. i >>e n the statasof wtohingn. s >> ieth:lo folw. o >>y.ka li[ t ghuglaerht ] so lr i a seady apentht nig in ja ndil awa it asn'tpen excerien nti wao ed tatrepe. onand te oftrhe sieategeys th us t ed aprthe t otesclwas heog t il jas. i and ghthou dt, i ron'ty eall twant ao begg cloer. s >> reth:, ight.yeah
1:25 am
id sat besucof l yk touyou gs, ke tan dowtacapi, lismi'm si g ttin othisutne o. t >> cotald,owaral totar cowd. it pe hel td inoohe b bk toe ne hoecst b iausell reamiy adred chthe tearac wrs irias w ting ab bout,seecauai i shad, wt ur coitage es taksi to tt inhe st s reetbeand li wilakng tare te s gapefor yoplearou coue abt re thnte cotsineny. awa et>> sowh: nr you cmainctharaer t inoohe b bk isiairacl. u' yo bre airit bl,aciar you fa itheroms fr l sri.anka yoand otur misher m froanmonta. t >>s hat't.righ et>> sndh: ay' theerre he ni toght? is t thaeccorrt? t >>arhey hae, trit's ght. >> h: sett wanayto slo hel to th em? th weere . are guhey ys. ee[ chndrs ala app]use s >> do mys ad i sfromanri l.ka my 's dadm frolasri annka 'sd he th e e onini tho k whhttaug me ab stout teory-g.llin t'so it s no cfactedheckis, th or sty. m sod y da fcamesrrom nki laa in 19 n 64 osathe lame ps ne athe be s.atle lehe fomw frdo lon nn toorew yk t onamhe sane pl te aseahe btles an sd heheays rd heait a ltle pa gorty oning fr up bont,e ut h 'tdidnll reaowy knt' whas hag.enin thand s is idathe heys wu n yo d woul-- nit'setot j tway,'shere a st asairct e ouheto twa runy, ri ght? >> h: sete. sur e >> hs comeheto t o tope f th rcstaianase erd tha e's d crow heand s sayheto ty, lad, wow
1:26 am
ug[ la ]hter >> h: sett thaotis ne. tru t >>ishat e. tru rs fit -- s >> ieth: ts itrue? si s r, iruit te? >> is it e. tru et>> skah: oy. ug[ la ]hter be i e lievhim. y sonoou k aw aste wriour, y e brokeamy hhert when i ard th is. u yoe wrotrsa fiaft dr tt ofhis , bookpa600 --ges 6 >>04. et>> sndh: a l youitost . ea>> yh. .yeah s >> yeth:adou h-- it la expin ho u w yo -loseme- i fian, ofrst --all .yeah i >>n, mea - howal- rely, ex n plaio it tme. 's itzy cra. so hi i t'mnk iba prothbly ste la rs pehion tlls wir eveenhapp to t inighe d aitalrige, ght? >> h: seth. yea o >> ss i wanglivich in aili,nd dni diav't hy e anrninteet. n soouo cld. i 'tdidne havina prter. an sd myitecurasy mewaure s to mhidepty lan op iovthe puen, t i itban a tkinganray idd sle it in re the. s >> ieth: tt isashe lact ple i wo chuld eck. >> ht rig? gh rit? s >> leth: set's ttealhe co ermputs. d diguyou heys check tn? ove
1:27 am
xa>> e.ctly haso ts t waonthe raly dft. nii fi ished04t, 6es pag , my t firsl,novemy oh , godt?righ i bcometoack u the i.s., was wo g rkin tas aliravealng sn,esma s i wa hin a iotelicn ch aago,nd asit w c notgohicain's fest l,hote s andneomeoke broan in d ol st be myacackpk. thand asat w o theconly f py o th oke bo4 , >> h: setit so vi suralved e l th itimee n theachilenn ov. la [ erught ] waand nes gom froica chago te hol. r >>, ighteccorrt. s >> yeth:- ou -meyou nentiod u' yo tre aliravealng sn.esma ali'm fwaysnaascibyted t wha it wrarers ine do bg --seecau il whu'e yorire w atingk boono on ge isg ivinanyou ney moy. yo veu hafi to anishk. boo 'mso iay alwscs faedinatut abo at whte wrio rs dasto pe s thtime an sd tortuppoms thes.elve wwhatyoere llu seasing a tr inavelleg sa?sman ct>> ay,uallin agam , i'abprobly ofone l thepeast topleero ev t dohis. wa i lls sepoing s sterolon clege ca esmpus. >> h: set j youseust yt upour po ssterhop? w>> i las ae ittl omoreiafficl an tht. tha cothe y mpanstwas d arteouby fr ys guth in 0se '7. wthey gouldmeive m andiey frnd th gge bitrest youck n u cae driv
1:28 am
ll fifu it f ll onebriteay sprs an b d boeymarlte posrs. >> h: set. wow ig>> rht? we t wensyclasd , ha ssomey tarr t.nigh so usme gkltav imt. et>> sheh: t, guy hwhentse pu up ca he hills dds bundy, as he' , like, "heybri'm ngingiir a gl me hot , putaup snirry "ght. ug[ la ]hter ut>> pst up narry.ight t,righct exaly. [ htlauger ] s mom'ngcomi. t pul anses adamup. s >> weth:wahat e s th -sbestngellite pos yr inour ye ofars ng dois? thi wh leat ff w ofpothe dsteresk? >> e fivs girl sin ar.howe >> h: sete fivs girl sin ar?howe oa>> s -ping- ap soeaing thch oer? t >> ithwas ndat a g two irls ki g.ssin et>> sh,h: ogo my d. at wh'r youyie sabong aheut t am anericca edualtionte sys m is t hearkibreang. [ htlauger ] an>> c b youveelie it? [ htlauger ] >> h: set y butotou gt tha.done ea>> yh. et>> so h: sbayou llsicay -- wh ouat ysa're iyingors, f st liruggring w otersheut tre, st jud loa tup a fruckofull st poofers ie ladnds, at thawill ke maun it yotil tuu ac callyan wr a ite .book >> l, welre the a wason secrtd pa haof trat st.tegy wso i souldpoell s stertwfor o nt moanhs, mpd co aressy ll m
1:29 am
weand ld woue makt abou $1 0 0,00t'-- it s nonga ki's ra , nsomitbut ka's oy. bu cot i 'tuldne livhein t. u.s t onmohat ney. at s thetiame i me, blstumed in rato tngveli. i soat -- t the mime,y dfgranr athea had e houshiin cle an idd sa d why yon'to ou g stay at ho my anuse sad i thid, aat's t grea.idea >> h: setth so hat'souow yed end n up ie.chil ha>> thot's orw i aliginndly eed i upiln che. ovand heer trs cou ae of tbouten s yeareaof lg rnintohow te wri an rkd wooning s thi fbookwoor t ar yed s annghaviwo to n rk oit ai agr n foheanoturr fors yea, i d liveevin sifen dntfere trcounies. et>> sanh: fictast. i >>ld woul selerpostd s ango to le chill, sete posgors, to ar ingenta. se osll p, tersgoand it to.ndia s >> yeth:e ou'rnglivi the m.drea lthatsoife aunds c lotr oole bthan aeingthn auor. [ htlauger ] i d woulacgo b tk tooshe pter an avd tramel ge. hayou fd itedigur a outound y bl [ ] eep p it ueiby b ng a it wrer. la [ erught ] u yothhad eae drm. u yo lwereg ivindrthe eam. >> e' here s thg,thinh. set wh ouen yirr has goe ygreyou ca brn't ineak olto c dlege orms moany re. >> h: sett' thaues tr. at thru's te. yo t u gowhout thile tte gein' wa ods go. k thansoyou h mucbefor ing he re. co tungraonlatis. y >> msupleare. et>> sunh: sapil yvea, edyrybo. ou "yarr he at iscl muse e thsize of is a ft." is bo in orokstowes n. 'l we rl be bightack.
1:30 am
ee[ chndrs ala app]use et>> sy h: mksthan to ev nga lo, orian jasozomant, ukas l suni, yapan glenhekotcd,, an ouof c trse,g he st unay tored fso carlyn da.
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